Acting is not an easy business to get into. Often, both actors and actresses alike get made fun of by other celebrities, and everyday people. If there is one consistency within the acting business, it is that everyone gets made fun of at least once or twice (or a thousand times). However, it is not often that you see a celebrity bashing their own work, but the people in the following list have no problem with making fun of themselves. This can sometimes be a negative attribute in the sense that it is never okay to put oneself down, but at the same time it can be a positive attribute in the sense that it is okay to recognize setbacks within ones performance, and work to make oneself better! And it’s always a good thing to be able to laugh at mistakes.

Megan Fox

Although Megan Fox isn’t known for her quality acting, she seemed to take a real downward spiral after acting in the 2007 Transformers film. She went on a public tirade against director Michael Bay.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey was a judge on American Idol for one season. Her disputes with fellow judge Nicki Minaj were uncomfortable, but still funny for viewers. Carey felt that the show was “the worst experience of my life” and that it was “boring and fake.”

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