As we enter the time of year where we want to find the best kinds of presents to give our loved but there are some ways in which you can go a bit overboard. When you are talking about toys, there are all kinds of toys that are more expensive than you might expect. Then there are toys that are simply too expensive for anyone to afford. These toys are toys that you would only buy if you were living in a palace or a mansion that could house an entire small town. These toys aren’t really to be played with but rather to be gawked at. Check out 10 of the most expensive toys in the world and tell us what you think.

Madame Alexander Eloise

This doll might not look it would be very pricey but that’s because you aren’t aware that this handmade doll is wearing Christian Dior clothes, Oscar de la Renta furs and Swarovski crystal studded accessories. She’s one of just five dolls ever made and she’s currently selling for more than $5 million per doll.

Gold Nintendo Wii Supreme

These days, a regular Nintendo Wii console can be bought for less than $100. That’s not the case when talking about a gold plated Wii, though. Despite the gold plating, this console supposedly works like normal and it can be purchased for a paltry $483,000.

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