It was a long time coming, but Lora Lois LeMond White Hardy of Indiana received her high school diploma a couple weeks before turning 100 years old! She left Anderson High School back in 1933, just four credits away from graduating, and 82 years later she received her high school diploma.

Back in 1933, it was the height of the Great Depression and Hardy said, “I lacked four credits when my dad got sick. I got a job at Delco, and that was about as good as you could hope for back then.” She stayed with the company for more than 40 years and retired in 1976.

After 82 years, it was time for Hardy to finally get that diploma at the Anderson Community Schools board of trustees meeting this week. Superintendent Terry Thompson said, “She has stated that her biggest regret in life is that she was not able to complete high school and earn her diploma.” She has no regrets now, as she donned the cap and gown for the school board meeting and was given the certificate she was so close to earning back in 1933. They had a special ceremony for her graduation, but Hardy said, “I knew I was going to get the diploma, but I had no idea it would be all this.”

After 82 years, we think the ceremony was well-deserved. This shows it is never too late to do anything!