Microwave Popcorn

It is hard to obtain the same level of quality and nostalgia that grabbing a bucket of popcorn at the latest movie to release can incur within someone. However, the option to purchase microwave popcorn in easy to use bags has ensured everyone can have their favorite late night snack right from home. Unfortunately, those bags are lined with chemicals to ensure the contents inside are kept fresh for when they are eaten. These chemicals have been found to cause not only infertility, but also liver, testicular, and pancreatic cancers in people. The chemical, which the Environmental Protection Agency has found to be perfluorooctanoic acid, is found within the lining of the bag. This chemical, thanks to studies, has been known to to cause tumors within the human body. A chemical within the popcorn itself has also been known to cause both lung damage and cancer, too. Cutting it out altogether could be beneficial.

Diet Foods

Stores and the brands that are sold within them try to push a lot of products, especially frozen meals, off as a completely healthy, low-fat option for those on a diet at the moment. However, the majority of these diet foods tend to be incredibly bad for people. These meals are said to be worse than conventional sugar-sweetened soda, for example. Studies by the European Food Safety Authority have revealed that apartame, one of the most commonly used artificial sweeteners, can cause a range of illnesses including birth defects and cancer. Sucralose, saccharin, and other artificial sweeteners have been linked to causing cancer, too. The boxes for these frozen meals may lead you to believe they are healthy due to their contents, or lack thereof, but it is what has been added in to ensure it is fresh that is the real danger within the packaging. Moderation remains key.

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