Nepal is an extremely good choice if you are looking to make an excellent budget adventure vacation. The sprawling mountains of the Himalayan range make for an excellent setting for some high octane adventure sports such as Trekking, Paragliding and White Water Rafting. Mountain Climbing, however, manages to remain the region’s most famous offering as scaling the Himalayas is something most Mountaineers train for their entire life.


Although Croatia isn’t the first place that will pop into your mind when you think of adventure tourism, the region offers an amazing set of unique experiences for thrill seekers looking to keep an open mind. Kayaking and Rafting are especially sought after in Croatia thanks to the abundance of Grade 3 and Grade 4 rapids. The limestone cliffs in the region are beautiful and ideal for scaling.


The Canadian landscape is truly diverse, offering mountains, oceans, rivers and lakes within the same geographical space. This works in favor of adventure tourism, with the bulk of extreme adventurers flocking to Canada for its excellent Climbing, Hiking, Kayaking and Mountaineering opportunities.


Indonesia is one of those destinations that offers something for everyone. The beautiful island of Bali not only offers shopping and recreation, but also boast of a number of adventure sports. You can attempt Hiking, Trekking and Climbing by travelling to the expansive volcanic mountain range in the region. The Unda and Ayung rivers also offer great quality White Water Rafting and Snorkeling.

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