Eating protein is very important for people who want to gain muscle and turkey, especially the white meat, is one of the best sources for it. It has close to 0g of saturated fat, which is why it can get really dry, do try eating it with some of the other good grains and veggies on this list.

Red Meat

Beef – its what’s for dinner. Packed full of not only protein but vitamin B12, carnosine, creatine, zinc, heme iron, and even omega-3, treat yourself to grass-fed top round and/or sirloin.


Like most cruciferous vegetables, broccoli has a low calorie count and is high in fiber – two things essential to weight loss. It also happens to be high in cancer-fighting phytochemicals and anti-estrogenic indoles.


This dark leafy green is versatile on so many levels. Not only does it help prevent cancer, heart disease, bone loss, and muscle loss but it also has an incredible nutrient profile and can be prepared in a number of ways in countless dishes.

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