Steven Seagal

All of the American shootings that have been happening over the past few years are tragedies, but actor Steven Seagal doesn’t see them as happenstance. He has said that he believes most of these attacks to be engineered to add fire to the gun control argument.

Megan Fox

The gorgeous screen siren who has graced the screens of Transformers and This Is 40 has a number of odd beliefs to her credit. She has openly admitted that she speaks in tongues and believes in leprechauns and Bigfoot.

Alice Walker

Alice Walker wrote the incredibly powerful novel The Color Purple and won a Pulitzer prize for it, so she must be smart and full of good common sense, right? Walker is an outspoken follower of David Icke, a conspiracy theorist who believes the world is controlled by a race of alien reptile people.

The Foo Fighters

While it is common sense that HIV and AIDS are linked, rock band The Foo Fighters are open supporters of “Alive and Well” and organization that denies said link. They even put on a benefit concert for the organization in 2000.

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