Marion Cotillard

The Oscar-winning actress has become famous in recent years for her roles in Inception and The Dark Knight Rises. When she isn’t acting, Marion Cotillard is outspoken about a great many things, like the Apollo moon landings – she believes them to be propaganda and fakery to dupe the Russian government.

Fat Joe

A lot of people have conspiracy theories about who runs the world of hip-hop. According to Fat Joe, CEO of Terror Squad Entertainment, the rap industry is run by the secret Gay Mafia.

Walter Cronkite

A lot of people were quick to question the political efforts of George W. Bush, but legendary news anchor Walter Cronkite took it to a new level. He believed that the Bin Laden video released before the 2004 presidential election was orchestrated by Republican advisor Karl Rove in accordance with Bin Laden to swing the election in fear to Bush’s favor.

Emma Stone

Plenty of people believe in the existence of ghosts, and actress Emma Stone happens to be one of them. She has said she believes that her grandfather’s ghost likes to drop quarters around her house to let her know he’s still there.

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