Kids that grew up in the 90’s are the last generation to know what it was like to not live in such a digital society. There were a lot of toys, books, gadgets and clothing items that were extremely popular during that time that you just had to have. These items actually required 90’s kids to either interact with other people, use their imagination, or feel like the cool kid. Let’s take a look at some things from the 1990’s that every kid probably begged their parents to buy for them.

Lisa Frank Merchandise

Your school supplies weren’t official unless they were made by Lisa Frank. The colorful supplies were wanted by every young fashionista.

Talk Boy/Talk Girl

While watching the movie ‘Home Alone’ you noticed the little nifty gadget Kevin Mcallister had that changed the tone of his voice. Every kid probably thought it was cool and wanted one. The Talk Boy was also available for girls called the Talk Girl.

Goosebumps Books

You probably begged your parents to buy you the legendary Goosebumps Books. Chances are you knew you’d probably be creeped out by the books, but you still wanted them anyway.


Girls wanted the Dreamphone with the hopes of seeing who their dream guy would be.

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