Fashion Is Everything

Fashion in the real world and fashion in High School are two completely separate entities. If the popular girls in your school start wearing something you’ve never seen before, you’d better believe that it’s about to spread like wild fire.

Bad Guys Always Get Their Comeuppance

That bad guy (or gal) that’s throwing their weight around at the beginning of the film is such a pain. Never fear, there is always something waiting for them down the line to put them back in place. If you become too controlling, High School has ways of sorting it out.

Everything Happens At the Dance

Got into an argument with your boyfriend? Sort it at the dance. Have a bone to pick with the bully. Meet them at the dance. Involved in a fledgling relationship? The dance. Everything that’s anything happens at “the dance” and if you’re not there, you’re not anyone.

Identity Is A Fluid Thing

Take the glasses off a geek and you’re left with a beautiful, shiny person. Remove that head brace and you’ve got yourself a regulation hottie. You might be defined by your clique, but it is easier than anywhere else to change who you are. Just get a makeover.

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