Things Which Matter Now Won’t Exist In Three Months

You’ll go through ups and downs, make friends and break friends and somehow come out alright in the end. Things which take over a person’s life in one moment will cease to exist in a few months. High School is fickle like that.

Challenging the Rules Is A Must

Your High School is nothing without someone challenging the rules. If you haven’t had a protest in one of your classes, you haven’t lived. Stand up for what you believe in, while you still have the guts to do it.

Always Ask Your Crush To Prom

Anything can happen at the Prom and more often than not, it does. High School dances have the power to transform mere mortals into superheroes and if there’s someone you’ve got your eye on, take a chance and ask them out. Prom will do the rest.

Sports Are More Important Than Life

If your sports team is performing badly, you might as well hang up the towel and give up now. High School sports are a big deal and if your school doesn’t have any sports stars, it will be a laughing stock.


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