Alan Blackman, a married father of three children, has admitted to a number of offences at court that include sexually assaulting a horse. The 31-year-old Norfolk man is alleged to have trespassed onto the land where the horse was kept and then sexually attacked it by trying to have penetrative sex with the animal.

The crime was first reported to police when the owner of the horse noticed the injured animal at his stables. The horse needed veterinary treatment and the incident was handed over to police. Officers were then able to identify a suspect from CCTV footage and through investigations were informed that the man seen in the video was Alan Blackman.

Although he initially tried to claim that suspect in the CCTV footage was not him, he later plead guilty to the charges when in court. Judge Stephen Holt has ordered that he now be remanded in custody while psychiatric tests are carried out. “This is clearly a case where a psychiatric report would assist the court,” said the judge. “You have pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity but the court needs to know more about you.