According to failed Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker, 41 percent of Americans believe that if a wall has been built along the southern border near Mexico, then one should also be created along our northern border, barring Canada from our country.

According to recent polls, immigration is a major flashpoint for the 2016 presidential campaign, which is thanks to front-runner Donald Trump. Immigration is causing quite a stir amongst everyone in the United States. Currently, four out of ten Americans are in favor of border walls to block off access from neighboring countries. This would effectively make water and air the only routes available to enter the country for immigrants. Trump is already calling for the border wall down near Mexico to be completed, which many people are in support of.

Jake Crosnan, a retired truck driver in support of the Canadian wall, said: “If you cut off one, they’re going to come in the other way. It’s desolate up there in some places on the Canadian border and they’ve gotta do something up there to stop them from coming in.”