Florida police took a 79-year-old man into custody after he was accused of stalking a young girl for many days and exposing himself in front of the window of her room. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said that the girl’s mom started watching Rogelio Melot-Rodriguez after her child told her that he had been following her each day for 15 days while she walked the dog. The 10-year-old girl also said that Rodriguez would frequently stand outside the window of her room.

The mother said that she watched as the man exposed himself while staring at her child’s bedroom window. The girl’s brother also witnessed the incident and ran outside to confront the old man. The mom called police, and Rodriguez was charged with aggravated harassment of a child and lascivious and lewd exhibition. According to the document, the man denied exposing himself to the child and said that he had an itch on his lower belly and reached down to scratch it.