Earlier this month a retired oral surgeon was arrested when entering Australia and was charged with the possession and importation of cocaine. Victor Twartz, 91, is currently facing a potential life prison sentence for the crime he’s convicted of and while on the surface this story may seem quite straightforward, the rabbit hole goes deeper than you think.

According to 91-year-old Victor, he wasn’t even aware that he was importing as much as 4.5 kg of cocaine. When planning his trip to India, Victor came into contact with what seem to be quite positive people from New Delhi with the help of the internet. Once there, the elderly guy was asked nicely, if he could be able to bring a gift to someone Australia on his trip back, an offer which Victor didn’t think twice about before accepting.

However, what at first glance seemed to be nothing but 27 packages of soap, turned out to be cocaine. After Victor’s story, the Australian Federal Police issued an official warning to all citizens with regard to the dangers of being tricked into becoming drug mules.