An old farmer made it his mission to save a small town in Taiwan from being demolished, and he succeeded with flying colors — literally. 93-year-old Huang Yung-fu, an ex-soldier that transitioned into being a farmer, painted incredible pictures all over the buildings and the ground. He believed that if the town was vibrant enough for people to be interested in it, then it wouldn’t be destroyed.

Yung-fu was absolutely right. Not only did Taiwan stave off demolition, but it’s now become a tourist attraction. Nationally, the town is known as “Rainbow Village” alongside its artist, “Rainbow Grandpa.” The farmer still gets up to paint more onto the village and one of the villagers couldn’t be more thankful: “We had a letter five years ago saying the government wanted to knock it down to build something new. They said we could take some money or move to a different house,” he explained, adding “But I didn’t want to move. This is the only real home I’ve ever known in Taiwan.”