All Nippon Airways has unveiled a recent design for its planes that is sure to make the most ardent of Star Wars fans jump for joy. The new plane is painted to look as though it were the bigger cousin of everyone’s’ most lovable droid, R2D2. The jet is slated to start making trips in October and it appears it will be making a number of International flights once it’s part of the rotation. This company is one that has long embraced the fandom of some of the most popular television and movie series.

Alongside the R2D2 plane, the Japanese firm also has a number of Pokemon-themed planes. We’re not sure exactly why people would get all that excited about flying in something that has the exterior adorned with certain decorations. After all, the outside of the plane can’t really be enjoyed while you are traveling inside it. At the same time, companies like All Nippon Airways need to have something to set them apart from the competition. There’s little doubt that having a Star Wars themed aircraft does that quite well.