Some restaurants will unjustly discriminate against who they serve. One manager at an Arby’s in Florida was fired because of it, but not in the way you would think. Pembroke Pines officer Jennifer Martin ordered her food through a drive-thru and was later told by a server that the manager didn’t want to serve to police. Offended, Martin eventually received her meal but had it returned and received a refund. Police also demanded an apology after the incident was reported.

The server described the incident as a mistake and a joke that went horribly wrong: “The clerk, Kenneth Davenport, told local media that the delay in serving Martin was a mix-up as he was busy handling several customers, and that the manager’s comment was meant as a joke.” The manager was subsequently fired and Davenport was put on paid leave. Arby’s CEO Paul Brown wrote a letter of apology to all local Miami police and offered a free combo meal to them.