Bear Grylls is renowned throughout the world, both on television and in real life, for being able to take on anything and survive. However, the reality television star has finally discovered something that repulses him, and that is Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez’s urine, reports Mirror.

During the second season of Running Wild, a show that partners Grylls with a new celebrity every episode and teaches them how to survive in the wild, Grylls found this substance revolting. The survival expert was trying to serve stewed mouse for tea, but ran out of water. In an attempt to improvise, Michelle Rodriguez urinated into a cup and they boiled it with the mouse included. Grylls said: “I’ve finally found the thing that has broken me: mouse, and someone else’s urine.”

It’s both interesting and hilarious to have finally discovered something that even the world famous Bear Grylls won’t stomach. Of course, most people wouldn’t want to stomach a stewed mouse and someone else’s urine anyway.