In Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a black bear weighing about 350 pounds crashed a college party on Saturday, June 27th, which took place near Lehigh University. According to police chief Mark DiLuzio, the bear “lumbered close to the party and scared the living daylights out of people”. The bear was quickly tranquilized and removed from the scene.

The police chief also went on to say that the bear had been spotted on Friday near the university’s athletic facilities, but had disappeared into the nearby swampy area. Emergency officials had been receiving a plethora of 911 calls regarding the sighting of the black bear.

The bear actually has a tattoo on its inner lip. According to Tyler Krieder of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the tattoo says the bear came from New Jersey. He said that bears are adept swimmers and that it likely swam across the Delaware River in search of a new home. “The bear wasn’t any threat to anybody,” he said. “It was just looking for somewhere to eat, take a break”. He also went on to say that it’s not unusual for bears to wander off their ranges and into populated areas when faced with encroaching developments. What’s more, adult bears tend to wander during mating season.

The bear is currently in custody and doing well. The game commission is deciding where to release it.