Emergency dispatchers already have a tough enough job that nets them thousands of calls each and every day, many of which are legit and could mean life or death for the person on the other end. However, these dispatchers are also receiving far too many butt dials from people, too. These false phone calls are slowing down the emergency system, leaving real problems in the dust.

These accidental calls are happening most often within San Francisco, according to research by Google. The city has seen a large increase in emergency calls, but not for any given emergency. This type of call – the ‘butt dial’ – happens when someone inserts their smartphone into their pocket or purse without turning it off completely. The phone can be hit just right and accidentally dial out to a number, such as 911.

According to the questioned dispatchers, one-third of them deal with callbacks each and every day, and it is the worst “pain point” of their work. 30-percent of their phone calls were simply accident, but the dispatcher is required to call the person back to ensure everything is okay on their end.