Walter Palmer has been facing the wrath of a nation after hunting and killing ‘Cecil’- a lion in Zimbabwe. The dentist, who allegedly spent 50,000 dollars to hunt the lion, has finally spoken out against the outrage and has decided to return to work. He told the Associate Press and Minneapolis Star Tribune that although he acted legally while hunting Cecil, had he known about the lion before the incident, he would not have participated in the hunt. He also said no one in the hunting party was made aware about Cecil.

With regard to the details of the hunt, Walter claims that he only used an arrow to shoot the lion and may have only wounded it, in contrast to original reports and Zimbabwe authorities claiming that Cecil had been killed by a gun. Walter also claims that he did not spend 40 hours tracking the wounded lion, a fact that had also originally surfaced when the news first broke.

The public opinion about this matter is absolutely singular and everyone believes that Walter should be punished for the mere act of participating in hunting an endangered animal, regardless of him not knowing about Cecil specifically.