Some people are not meant to be parents, and that includes hardened criminals and drug dealers. In Springfield, Massachusetts, a 2-year-old boy was found inside an apartment with guns and crack cocaine.

Police served a warrant arrest and arrested 30 year-old Rafael Calo and his girlfriend, 24 year-old Christine Guzman, in their own apartment. Rafael Calo is a known drug dealer who is known as ‘Smurf’ on the streets.

As they conducted the drug raid in the apartment, they found a 9mm high point semi-automatic pistol, 9mm semiautomatic with 24 additional 9mm rounds, 32 bags of crack cocaine, 13 grams of loose cocaine, drug instruments and cash amounting to $2,690.

The couple has been charged with possession of firearms and cocaine as well as violation of Drug Free Park Zone. Calo is also being charged with violation of 209A.