Getting the perfect selfie is difficult enough when it is just you trying to get in the photograph, but when you add in your beloved pets, it magnifies the problem massively. This is largely down to the fact that dogs won’t look exactly where you want them to and instead prefer to do their own thing. To solve that problem, a company has now launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to developer a special selfie stick for dogs.

The device, called the Pooch Selfie, incorporates a holder that allows a tennis or squeaky ball to be attached to a smartphone. This will then ensure that the dog looks at the ball and camera, allowing owners to grab an amazing selfie with their pet.

We absolutely LOVE our dogs,” said the company on Kickstarter. “As pet lovers, we are unable to help ourselves from taking tons pictures of them. Sometimes you just want to grab a shot of their good looking mug and share it with the world!

As any dog owner will tell you, it is difficult to get your pet to sit still long enough for a picture, let alone catch them looking into the camera. A selfie with your dog is nearly an impossible task.

To help solve these problems, I am proud to introduce the Pooch Selfie. Pooch Selfie is a smartphone attachment which helps pet owners take better pictures and selfies with their dogs. Pooch Selfie takes advantage of a dog’s natural draw and focus to a tennis ball and uses this focus to hold their gaze as you snap away that perfect portrait picture.