With Star Wars: The Force Awakens set to release this December, Disney are building up hype for the return of the much loved movie series by launching a variety of toys and merchandise related to the film in stores worldwide. To mark the event, the company hosted an 18-hour long live stream of the toys being unboxed and opened for the first time.

Taking place in 15 cities, including Sydney, Chicago, Mexico City, New York and Toronto, the stream showed prominent YouTubers unwrapping the brand new toys while capturing their reactions. The fact that Disney is putting so much effort into showing off the merchandise for the upcoming film makes sense as the toys are expected to some of the best-selling products this Christmas.

The unboxing marathon was hosted on YouTube and footage taken from cities all around the world can still be seen on the page, giving users who missed the live event the chance to catch up on exactly what happened.

While the concept of watching other people open up the boxes of toys or other products and then see them play with them might seem strange, five of the 25 most popular channels on YouTube are focused entirely on the activity.