Darwyn Loring absolutely loves to drink coffee, and since the man has no use of his legs, he spends all of his time in a wheelchair. Well, when you combine the two of those things, you tend to get a little rambunctious.

Twice a day, Loring wheels himself up to the highway that runs alongside his home in Spruce Grove, a bedroom community near Edmonton, for his coffee fix. Earlier this week, however, an RCMP officer pulled the man over and issued him a ticket for stunting, which comes with a $543 fine. The man was quite angered, saying: “I just about fell out of my chair. There’s no law against going on the road when you’re in a wheelchair. If there is, well then I’m in the wrong country.”

Just two years ago, Loring lost his leg in the fight against diabetes, but he hasn’t let that slow him down. His trip to Tim Hortons for coffee has become a daily routine. He always stays safe while on the highway, and remains as close to the curb as possible for passing motorists.