One of the most controversial stories of self-defense to come out of Florida has just surfaced on CBS News. John Marshall arrived at Robert Harris’s law practice looking for Mr. Harris’s associate, Patrick McLain, on March 4th, 2015, at approximately 4 p.m. with an unusual story and a one of a kind passenger. Mr. Marshall traveled from his home to Harris’s office with his deceased neighbor, Theodore “Ted” Hubbell, 65, in the back of his truck.

The 52 year old Bokeelia man has only been a resident of the Lehigh neighborhood for a brief time. After an incident, he trusted his attorney above all others. Mr. Marshall went there first instead of calling 911 after the alleged altercation that resulted in the death of his neighbor. Marshall reportedly wrestled for his neighbor’s gun and managed to secure it in his possession, and during the scuffle, a deadly round was fired and killed the gun’s owner. The pair had been involved in a property dispute over the placement of a portable toilet on his property.

The attorneys called 911 where a lengthy meeting took place with law enforcement officials. Mr. Marshall left the law office with his attorneys at approximately 10 p.m. to be transported to Lee Memorial Hospital to be treated for his injuries, including a broken tooth, swollen lip, and possibly two broken thumbs. According to the News Press video of the interview with Mr. Harris, there had been prior police reports of Mr. Hubbell threatening Mr. Marshall. However, neighbors have expressed their worries to the media that they believe that Mr. Harris was the aggressor and are living in fear while Mr. Marshall is free.

Lee County officials have not yet released any information regarding this case. However, a court date is pending for another case of violence involving Mr. Marshall. The pending charges are for aggravated battery and using a vehicle as a weapon. He allegedly was involved in a parking lot dispute over a parking space at McDonald’s on Pine Island Road on September 23rd, 2014.