Who doesn’t love an adorable little corgi? Who does love 500 of them at once? That’s exactly what happened at Hunting Beach, California, on Saturday, April 11th, where the ninth-annual Corgi Beach Day took place. If you didn’t even know there was such a thing as Corgi Beach Day, don’t worry neither did we, but we’re so happy we know now!

This 4-hour event brought together an estimated 500 corgis that played together on the beach, and posed for some great photos. Check out some of our favorite photos below.

A small group of the 500 corgis and their owners attempt to get together and take a photo, and yes, we mean “attempt”.

Super Corgi was also present to make sure no one got out of hand, and protect the innocent little dogs of the world.

We’re not quite sure what these two are doing, but we thought it was cute enough to share. Okay, now that you know of this super adorable event, how many of you will be attending next year?