Drivers on Dublin’s Old Swords Road got quite a surprise when a giant inflatable Minion balloon tumbled into the street. According to eye witnesses, one driver had his car mirror knocked off after the giant Minion got loose from its restraints and fell into the street. Other than that, there weren’t any serious injuries or major damage, aside from a serious traffic jam as puzzled drivers waited for police to deflate the promotional balloon.

I’m not sure how it got loose but I just saw it coming loose and flying across the road as we were driving,” said Erin Van Londen, who was driving by when the incident occurred. “It’s been very windy in the area.” She added.

Onlookers had to call the police to come out and deflate the monstrous Minion. “I actually rang the gardaí [Irish police]. It was quite an odd thing to have to report,” Van Londen said. When fully inflated, the Minion was about 40 feet tall.