Who doesn’t love a giant teddy? They’re the fluffy, huggable mascots of carnivals and fairs everywhere. Few hate them so much as to drive up to one and pump it full of lead, but that’s exactly what happened last week in the Alaskan city of Juneau. “It looks like what happened was someone drove in, saw the teddy bear, took a couple of shots at it and drove off,” Juneau Police Department spokesman Lt. David Campbell stated.

The giant bear was being used by local resident Brian Weed as a driveway marker. After hearing gunshots early Thursday morning, Weed discovered a bullet hole in the poor teddy’s face. Weed is an officer at the nearby Juneau correctional center, and initially thought he was targeted because of his work. “I’m a correctional officer,” he said, “people threaten to kill me and my family like every other day.

Later on, Weed said he believed the assault was probably the work of a drunk driver or bored teens. “I think being a correctional officer and what goes on in the job, I was worried it was related,” he said. “It still might be … but I’d like to think it was just some idiot shooting at the bear.”

Weed is offering a reward to anyone who has information about the teddy bear killer that leads to their arrest.