Harrison Ford recently crashed his single-engine vintage airplane onto a Venice golf course shortly after taking off from the local airfield yesterday. The renowned actor’s family have revealed he is “battered, but OK” following the crash landing. Ford is an experienced pilot, but has been hospitalized and must undergo surgery for some of the injuries sustained during the ordeal. He is in stable condition, however, reports NBC.

According to Ben Ford, the actor’s son, “He is every bit the man you would think he is. He is an incredibly strong man. Thank you for all your thoughts and good vibes for my dad.

Ford reported engine trouble within his personal plane shortly after taking off from the airfield. The actor attempted to return to the airport, but was unable to make it back. He was seen flying a World War II vintage airplane.

Dr. Sanjay Khurna, a local spinal surgeon who happened to be on the course at the time of the crash, rushed in to help Ford, unknowing of who he was helping. The surgeon remembered smelling the fuel from the plane, but did not want it to ignite. He made a decision to pull Ford from the crash and recognized the actor from his films.

The cause behind the plane crash has not yet been determined.