As the Syrian refugee crisis continues to unfold, images of refugees fleeing the country has been flooding media, and many countries are welcoming Syrians with open arms, with Denmark being just one of the many countries where Syrians hope to find a better life.

There are plenty of images floating around the web, images of men, women and children making the arduous journey along roads or packed at boarders waiting to cross. However, amidst these sad images of reality, a heart-warming photo of a Danish police officer playing a game with a young Syrian girl has warmed the hearts of many. Part of a group of asylum seekers along the Danish-German border, the little girl was tasked to guessed which hand the officer was holding his wedding ring in,

The Danish Police Assistant Commissioner, Knud Reinholdt, stated, “The picture shows that even though we have a task we must solve, we are also dealing with people who are in a difficult situation that nobody wants to be in. We have to deal with children who have experienced a lot of things and who have travelled far, so if we can make life a little easier for them, as in the pictures, then it’s worth it. It does not cost anything.

With numbers as high as 380,000, the volume of migrants and refugees crossing the Mediterranean has Europe facing its worst refugee crisis since World War II. We can only hope that they are safe, and be able to find refuge soon.