The country of Hungary is currently on the bad side of almost every single nation in the world, as they have recently erected a 110-mile razor wire fence, which spans the length of the entire country along the border of Serbia. This ‘Iron Curtain’ has been constructed to prevent any refugees from entering the country.

The wall, which was recently completed, stands 4-meters high, and was built on the order of Hungarian Prime Minster Viktor Orban, who vowed to prevent the refugees from seeking any safety within his country last month.

Orban says: “Everything which is now taking place before our eyes threatens to have explosive consequences for the whole of Europe. Europe’s response is madness. We must acknowledge that the European Union’s misguided immigration policy is responsible for this situation.”

Squads of police are patrolling the Hungarian side of the fence, awaiting anyone who attempts to pass over it from the Syrian side. Officers have been given orders to ‘capture persons that pose a danger for themselves and the public’. 82-percent of citizens in the country are totally for this extreme immigration control, it appears.