Amanda Knox was found guilty of murdering one of her roommates in Italy back in 2007, and that incident has continued to haunt her to this day. She spent almost four years in prison before she was freed after a second trial deemed her not guilty in October of 2011.

The Italian Supreme Court demanded that case be brought in front of them again, and, in January of 2014 she was found guilty for a second time. Due to some legal logistics involving Italy’s double jeopardy laws, Knox remained free until Italy’s Highest Court made a final decision. Just today, the courts have declared her to be not guilty, which should mean the end of this long legal battle.

Over the past couple years, Knox has been a very prominent figure in the media. She’s appeared on numerous news shows, written a book about her life, and has had multiple movies attempt at telling her story. Now that she’s received a final verdict, will this case officially be closed for good?