Every so often, a major Hollywood or television star will suddenly find out that the Internet has reported their death, long before their actual demise. This week, that actor is James Earl Jones. The Inquisitr reports that rumors started flying that Jones, who voiced one of the most famous villains in cinema history in the form of Darth Vader had passed on. It turns out that the legendary actor, who is also well known as being the man who first spoke the words “This is CNN” when the 24-hour news channel was young is alive and well, despite his advancing age.

The actor is doing so well, as a matter of fact that he has just signed on to reprise the role of Mufasa in the animate series The Lion Guard. This is a Disney Channel series based on the massively popular animated film, The Lion King. James Earl Jones is also appearing in a number of different stage performances. While the rumors that he had passed on spread through a website that has been the cause of a number of celebrity death hoaxes, most feel there isn’t any way to stop these stories, other than to do some research and find out that the celebrity is in fact, alive and doing fine.