In a move that is set to define the beginning of a “whole new era” in the entertainment world, Tidal, a music streaming service, was launched by Jay Z and bevy of other iconic artists today.

Amid constant criticism of music streaming programs like Spotify, Tidal set out to offer music to the people in a way that still rewards the artist who created it. Musicians will be properly compensated for their hard work by means of stock and cash from Tidal, and having their name associated with the program will be sure to bring plenty of publicity.

For $19.99 a month you can listen to unlimited music of the highest quality on Tidal, and for $9.99 a month you can listen to unlimited music that is regular quality. Available in 35 countries, Tidal is co-owned by artists including Madonna, Beyonce, Calvin Harris, Rihanna, and Kanye West. Having signed deals with all the major record labels for rights to the music, Tidal looks like it’s going to be some serious competition for programs like Spotify and Pandora.