Singer-songwriter Justin Bieber is being sued by his egging victim. Filed on Thursday, Bieber’s former neighbor, Jeffrey Schwartz, has filed a lawsuit that lists that the pop star spat in his face, terrorized his family with frequent marijuana use, hosted loud parties and dangerous driving. The lawsuit comes approximately two years after he alleges that Bieber spat on him during a dispute about the singer’s drag racing in their neighborhood.

Citing damages to his home caused by the thrown eggs, Schwartz also claims that not only did Bieber attack his wife and daughter with expletives, but that they suffered emotional distress because the singer’s bodyguard called him a “little Jew boy“. This supposedly happened on two incidents; first over Memorial Day weekend in 2013 and the following January, prior to the infamous egging.

With all of the recent events with Bieber, it will be interesting to see how this lawsuit will turn out.