Dinesh D’souza is seen as one of those conservative voices who doesn’t usually buy into the hilarity of some of the farther right conspiracies floating around the Internet about Hilary Clinton. Turns out he probably shouldn’t be thought of that way anymore. On Wednesday morning, D’Souza tweeted out a photo of a young Hilary Clinton complete with an apparent Confederate Flag in the background. Along with the picture, according to The Daily Beast, was the caption, “Look closely at this Hillary photo–isn’t that a #ConfederateFlag behind her on the bookshelf?”

Once it was pointed out to D’Souza that it was well known that the photo was faked, he decided instead to go after Clinton’s appearance with a correction saying, “Disregard the photoshopped Confederate flag in the background of the Hillary photo and simply focus on those glasses and hairdo.” On Facebook he lobbed another attack on her physical appearance saying “Even if the #ConfederateFlag was edited into this Hillary photo, WHAT is going on with those glasses and that hairdo?”