Those of you that have had the pleasure of watching the HBO series ‘Girls,’ then you’ve already seen Lena Dunham bare all. Outspoken for women’s reproductive rights and the right for ladies to be free without being looked at as sluts or pieces of meat, Lena decided to share her new favorite bra and panties, from Lonely Lingerie, for all to see.

In her post she says she plans to put on a pair of boots and wear her new undergarments out for the night — in most states, that would get you arrested. If guys can walk around with their pants on the ground and no shirts on, why can’t a woman walk around in her bra and panties and not be at threat for rape or ridicule?

Dunham hasn’t been the only famous person to don her Lonely Lingerie and share it online, however. Even artists and gymnasts are happy to share their bodies when draped in this fashionable brand.