Victoria’s Secret is no stranger to controversy. From their primetime shows featuring scantily clad women, to a reputation for body shaming, Victoria’s Secret has a complicated history with those who encourage body positivity for all women, no matter the size. The company’s latest gaffe involves an ad for a line of bras and panties, for which they label as “Perfect fit. Perfect comfort. Perfectly soft.” for “The Perfect ‘Body’“. This ad received a wide-range of criticism for the claim “Perfect Body” with an image of of ten extremely slim women.

After being accused for body shaming, Victoria’s Secret changed their ad to “A Body For Every Body” in an attempt to be more inclusive. Yet, many critics still feel the women in the ad does not represent a variety of body types.

Lingerie company Curvy Kate, a brand that specializes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, took a swipe at the Victoria’s Secret campaign by launching its own. Their variation of the “Perfect Body” ad is currently running in conjunction with their “Star In A Bra” campaign, which gives fans the chance to vote for Curvy Kate’s new model for 2015. Curvy Kate’s ad features a more representative range of body types.

Here are the finalists for the “Star in a Bra” campaign, for which voting has closed: