Fred Morgan, a postal worker living in Detroit, had a good turn of fortune: he won $1 million on the April 17th Mega Millions Lottery. However, he did not immediately proceed to cash in the ticket; rather, he and his wife decided to hold onto it while they amused themselves with daydreaming about what they might use the huge sum.

Morgan and his wife, however, determined that they needed a safe and hidden place to stash the ticket. The best place they could think of was a container of flour. Morgan told the Press that no one would ever “check for anything valuable in the flour”.

Despite the ingenious location, Morgan still lost quite a bit of sleep over the next few days until he turned in the ticket. Needless to say, lottery officials were a little confused when he turned in a ticket covered in white dust. After 31 years of working as a mail carrier, Morgan has decided to retire in style.