A drunk Florida man decided that it was a good idea to call 911 and hit on a dispatcher until being arrested, according to Orlando Sentinel. Edward Garcia hit up the police late in the evening and decided to brag about his “big muscles,” and then asked if the woman he called was single. He apparently called up two more times wanting to know if she was single before being disconnected both times.

Obviously, the phone call was traced and police officers eventually identified the perpetrator as Eduardo Garcia at the Lake Griffin State Park campsite. Upon arriving, they found the man surrounded with beer. Garcia wasn’t going to take the arrest lightly — there were multiple instances where Garcia said that he was going to kill the police officers arresting him, both during the walk to the patrol car and on the ride to the station. At one point, Garcia even spat on the back of an officer before being transferred to a more secure vehicle.

This wasn’t the first time that Garcia has been messing with police officers. He assaulted one earlier this year in January. Currently, Garcia is being held on charges of battery and misusing the 9-1-1 system.