When you go fishing you probably think that the bass you caught that was just shy of 15 inches is a whopper. Well, a man in Rockaway Beach, MO. caught a striped bass that dreams are made of. His ‘Big Fish’ story won’t be a fabrication after catching this 49 and 3/4 inch long monster fish. It has a measured girth of 36 inches.

A fish that large is enough to feed a whole family, but a fish that large is also an older fish and won’t taste very good. It’s likely this lucky angler will be getting his fish mounted so he can hang it on the wall and be proud that his monster fish story is true.

Lawrence Dillman, the angler that caught the striped bass, said it took him 45 minutes to real the sucker in. The previous record holder was 60 pounds and 9 ounces, caught on the same lake, Bull Shoals Lake.