An Australian man named Mick Brown has discovered a 2.7 kilogram gold nugget, according to The Age. It is believed that the gold nugget is worth around $135,000.

42-year-old Mick had just kicked off his smoking habit, he was not in a good mood so his wife told him to go out of the house to get some fresh air. He went prospecting in a known area near Wedderburn. He began to search around the area when his metal detector went off over a specific spot and he started digging. Initially, he thought it was a big molten blob of copper. But to his surprise, a gold nugget was lying six inches below the surface. He said that he will sell the gold nugget for $200,000 or more.

When asked what will he do with all the money? He said he will purchase a spa bath for his children and clear his debts. He has named his recent discovery a fair dinkum nugget.