People keep money and valuable belongings in all sorts of places as they attempt to hide them and keep them safe. However, problems can arise from this practice, especially if they forget where they have hidden something or forget to tell their loved ones about it. This is exactly what happened to a couple in New York this past week.

For some reason, the anonymous wife had hidden almost $6,000 in a faulty toaster oven believing that it would be left alone as the device didn’t work. The husband, though, had finally gotten around to taking the toaster oven back to Target in order to get a refund — without releasing that their entire life savings were tucked away inside.

When she eventually realized what had happened she rang the store frantically asking if they had found the money. Luckily, the employees at Target had collected the cash and put it in a safe to be collected by the couple at their convenience.

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end happily. The next day a man arrived at the store claiming to be the son of the husband and wife before collecting all of the money — the only problem being that they don’t have a son. Police are now trying to trace the man who was caught on CCTV at Target.