Police have arrested a man who strolled into a courthouse in Leelanau County while pant-less and then stole a suit jacket from one of the offices. The suspect was seen on CCTV entering the building before heading to the county prosecutor’s office where he allegedly picked up the coat and proceeded to flee the scene. Janitors working at the courthouse then called police to report the theft.

Leelanau County’s Undersheriff, Steven Morgan, explained that the suspect was known to them and that they had already been involved with several previous incidents with the man prior to the theft. “We know this individual. We’ve had some problems with him recently,” he said. Police also tested the suspect and found he had a BAC of .16.

The prosecutor who had his jacket stolen, Joe Hubbell, explained that any decision over whether the 38-year-old suspect will be charged will be handled by a special prosecutor rather than himself> He was, however, more concerned with how the man had managed to enter the courthouse when it was supposed to be locked and secured.