While the vast majority of people will try to avoid being stung by a bee, one person has won a prestigious science award after bees stung him five times a day for 38 days. Michael Smith carried out the experiments, where he was stung in 25 different locations, in order to discover where is the most painful place to be stung.

According to his research, the worst places to get stung are the nostril, the upper lip and the shaft of the penis. The scientist won first place at the Ig Nobel prizes, beating another group who had studied whether it was possible to have 600 sons.

The Ig Nobel prizes are a parody of the real life Nobel Prizes that began in 1991. Despite the fact that they are based on humor, the Ig Nobel award is still widely recognized and admired by the science community and those who win it usually still attend a ceremony to receive their trophy. Real life Nobel laureates even present the awards at the ceremony, as research still has to be scientifically valid to be considered for a prize.