Some people are insanely excited and curious about the new menu that is centered around McDonald’s all-day breakfast. It has been top secret since its announcement just a few weeks ago, but no one needs to wait any longer. Although the start date of all-day breakfast isn’t supposed to be until October 6th, it seems that one location in California decided to start early, and someone took a picture of the menu to give people across the country an idea of what it will look like.

For starters, not all restaurants will be the same apparently. Some McDonald’s location will have a McMuffin-themed menu, while others will have a biscuit-themed menu. The menu at the specific location that opened up in California features mainly McMuffin variations, a sausage burrito, hotcakes, parfaits, and has oatmeal or hash browns as side options.

For those who get a thrill out of the thought that they can now have a McDonald’s hash brown at any time of day, you only have a few more weeks to go until that dream becomes a reality.