British actress Michelle Keegan has been named FHM magazine’s sexiest woman alive in 2015. Keegan caused quite a bit of an upset when you consider the better known actresses and models she beat out for the title, but was likely aided by the British magazine’s readership. FHM leans heavily on polls of its customer base in order to put the list together.

American audiences haven’t really had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Keegan very much, unless they happen to be BBC America devotees. The young actress has made her name in the UK by first starring in Coronation Street and most recently a new series called Ordinary Lies. Her role on Coronation Street has certainly endeared her to FHM readers as she finished second in 2014 and fourth in 2013 according to the Daily Mail.

In order to jump into the top spot, Michelle had to beat out Kendall Jenner (who jumped from 31st place a year ago) and Jennifer Lawrence, who actually took home the title in 2014, finishing third this year.