Dior is famous for its luxurious clothes that range from everyday sportswear to couture garments – perhaps you’re familiar with those really over-the-top commercials for their perfume J’Adore with actress Charlize Theron. But just because most people can’t afford just about anything made by Dior, doesn’t mean they don’t have their eye out for the disadvantaged.

Just recently the fashion house has named 14 year-old Israeli girl Sofia Mechetner as the new lead model for Dior. While so many women have to suffer rejection and horrid travel for years before they are lucky enough to land such a job, Mechetner got this job on blind luck. Before she landed her $265,000 contract and both opened and closed Dior’s 2015 Paris Haute Couture show, Mechetner was living in Tel Aviv with her single mother and two siblings, cooking and cleaning when not in school and sleeping on a mattress on the floor at night. After being rejected by modeling agency Viva, Mechetner decided to visit Dior to renew her faith in her modeling dream – it was there that she met Dior creative director Raf Simons who hired her on the spot. Needless to say, young Sofia probably isn’t sleeping on a tatty, old mattress.